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Répertoire Communautaire

The New Brunswick SPCA promotes and charters Branch Societies across the Province. Several of our Branch Societies operate animal shelters for the care and protection of homeless animals, and some have taken on the responsibility of providing animal control services in their municipality or area. Once chartered, Branch Societies operate independently of the New Brunswick SPCA, with their own by-laws, budgets, and boards of directors; all, however, are entitled to a seat on the New Brunswick Board of Directors.

* Since shelter hours are subject to change, please check the individual websites below for hours of operation.

Website Note: The New Brunswick SPCA is not responsible for the content provided within the websites below. If you have questions regarding any of the websites you visit, please contact the web departments of those individual sites.

Are you thinking of inviting a companion animal into your life? A little research and preparation can make this a joyful experience for both you and your new pet. Here are a few pointers to help you prepare for this important step. Click on a pet for more information:

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NOTE: For adoption inquiries, please use the contact information at the websites below. The New Brunswick SPCA cannot answer pet-related inquiries for other societies. To locate a shelter in New Brunswick, please click here.

Charlotte County SPCA 
Shelter : Yes
P.O. Box 334, St. Stephen, NB E3L 2X2
Phone: (506) 465-7657
Facebook Page
Fredericton SPCA 
Shelter : Yes
P.O. Box 192, Fredericton NB E3B 4Y9
Phone: (506) 459-1555
Web Site: http://www.frederictonspca.ca
Facebook Page

Gloucester SPCA

Shelter : Yes
880 Riordon Drive, Box 12, Bathurst, NB E2A 4W7
Phone: (506) 548-8537
Web Site: http://www.bathurstspca.com
Facebook Page

Miramichi SPCA

Shelter: Yes (Some foster-care is also available)
P.O. Box 177, 128 Dan Cripps St., Miramichi, NB E1V 3M3
Phone: (506) 622-0645
Web Site: http://miramichispcaanimals.blogspot.com/
Facebook Page

Moncton SPCA 

Shelter: Yes
116 Greenock Drive, Moncton NB E1H 2J7
Phone: (506) 857-8698
Web Site: http://www.monctonspca.ca
Facebook Page

Oromocto and Area SPCA

Shelter: Yes
200 Restigouche Rd., Oromocto NB E2V 2G4
Phone: (506) 446-4107
Web Site: http://www.oromoctospca.ca
Facebook Page

Restigouche County SPCA 

Shelter: Yes
165 Baybreeze Drive, Dalhousie, NB E8C 1E4
Phone: (506) 684-4396
Web Site: http://www.restigouchespca.com
Facebook Page

Saint John SPCA 

Shelter: No (visit website for available pets)
Web Site: http://www.saintjohnspca.com
Facebook Page

SPCA- Péninsule Acadienne

Shelter: Yes
103 rue Mallet-Clermont
Shippagan, NB
E8S 0A8
Phone: (506) 336-9443
Web Site: http://www.spca-pa.ca
Facebook Page

Victoria County SPCA 

Shelter: Yes
2238 Route 109, Arthurette NB E7H 4C2
Phone: (506) 356-1117
Website: http://vcspca.ca
Facebook Page

Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue

Shelter : Yes
295 Bayside Drive
Saint John, NB
E2J 1B1
Phone: (506) 642 – 0920 For Adpotion
Phone: (506) 642 – 0921 For Executive Director
WebSite: http://spcaanimalrescue.com/
Facebook Page

The Province of New Brunswick also has several humane societies and animal shelters that are not associated with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Non-SPCA Affiliated Animal Shelters

Carleton County Animal Shelter
Shelter : Yes
367 Debec Rd., Debec, NB E7N 3B4
Phone: (506) 277-1104
Web Site: http://www.woodstocknb.ca/carleton
Facebook Page
Note: (not SPCA-affiliated)