Pour signaler un cas de cruauté ou de maltraitance ou pour toute question
concernant le contrôle des chiens dans les régions rurales, composez le


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Announcing our Annual General Meeting!

agm 2017

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the NBSPCA will be held on Sunday,
May 7, 2017, at the Maritime Forestry School, Room 228 in Fredericton,
beginning at 2 p.m.  Members and all those interested in animal protection
are warmly invited to attend. Annual memberships can purchased at the
door and will cost $20.

Read more:

pdfAnnouncing our Annual General Meeting - 2017
pdfProposed Amendments to the By-Laws of the NBSPCA - 2017
pdfNBSPCA Board Nominations 2017

pdfAGM Proposed Agenda - 2017

Code de pratiques relatives aux
soins des chiens au Nouveau-

La SPCA du Nouveau-Brunswick invite le public à faire part de ses commentaires sur la présente ébauche. Prière d’envoyer ces derniers à spca@nbnet.nb.ca.

pdfÉBAUCHE - Code de pratiques relatives aux soins des chiens au Nouveau-Brunswick

NBSPCA Newsletter - Oct. 2016

the voice oct 2016IN THIS ISSUE

• Legal Matters
• Vet’s Corner
• Equal Rights for Cats
• Kitty Korner
• Christmas Shopping
• We Remember
...and more!

Our Cover Photo:

Brooklyn is a five year old female Boxer Malamute mix. She was a rescue adopted from the Fredericton SPCA as a puppy.  To say she was a challenge is putting it mildly. She was hyperactive with hip dysplasia and she even ate an AA battery! She had an operation to remove the battery, wore a brace for her hip until her muscles strengthened and was on medication for year to calm her down.  They say you love the ones that need you more; in that case, she is well-loved by the Mignault family.

pdfRead the newsletter


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