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ID Your Pet

All dogs in the province of New Brunswick are required by law to wear a dog tag. It’s Crucial for your pet to have identification so they can be returned if they get lost. Here are a few popular methods:

Collar Tags: A tag is the most common and visible form of I.D –it simply attaches to your dogs collar.  But your pet must wear their collar at all times, and it’s always possible that it, or the tag might become detached.

Tattoos: More permanent than a tag, a discreet I.D. number is tattooed on your pet by a veterinarian.

Microchips: Another permanent form of I.D. is a microchip. The size of a grain of rice, it’s implanted under the dog’s skin (no anesthesia or surgery is required). It contains an alpha-numeric code that can be read by animal shelters, hospitals and pounds equipped with a hand scanner.

Because a tattoo or microchip could go undetected, supplement it with a collar and tag.

When a Dog Control Officer picks up a stray dog with no tag it is immediately brought to a shelter. If a microchip is found in the dog the owners are contacted but must pay applicable fines and boarding fees for the dog, as well as purchase a tag.