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Licensing FAQs

What is a pet establishment licence and why do I need one?

A pet establishment licence is a certificate issued by the NBSPCA after a facility has passed an inspection. The licence has a number specific to you that must be used when advertising litters of puppies for sale. In accordance with Section 23(1) of the New Brunswick SPCA Act, a person who operates a pet establishment without a licence commits an offence, and may be charged.

Who needs a pet establishment licence?

Animal shelters, boarding kennels, doggy daycares, breeders, and pet retail stores all require pet establishment licences.

How do I get a pet establishment licence?

Applications for pet establishment licences can be found on the NBSPCA website and submitted online. A paper copy of the application can be mailed to you if you do not have Internet access. Once the application is received and payment has been made, an Animal Protection Officer will work with you to schedule your inspection.

How much does a licence cost? 

Pet establishment licences cost $250 per year for breeders, boarding kennels, daycares, and pet retail stores. A licence for a shelter costs $100 per year. When a licence is issued it is valid for one year.

What happens during an inspection?

An Animal Protection Officer will attend your facility at an agreed time and date. There are different requirements for in-home breeders, pet retail stores, kennels, and shelters. The APO will go through checklists with you and work with you to improve any deficiencies. Upon passing your inspection an official licence will be issued and mailed to you. You must display it in your facility.

Where does my licence number need to be posted? 

Licence numbers must be posted on all advertising materials, such as business cards, flyers, Kijiji ads, etc. Your official licence must be displayed in your facility.

What is the purpose of pet establishment licences? 

Pet establishment licensing ensures that all dogs and animals in pet stores are kept and brought up in a clean and healthy environment. It also ensures that breeders and owners all comply with a certain standard of care. Pet establishment licensing is not intended to provide assurance about the quality of an individual animal offered for sale by a Pet estabishment or about an individual animal’s conformity to breed standards or registration requirements.